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Court Management Services Executive Management


Managerial Profile

Head of the Judiciary

Justice Zaila Rowena McCalla

The Hon Mrs. Justice Zaila Rowena McCalla, OJ Chief Justice of Jamaica

Welcome to the website of the Court Management Services. The purpose of this website is to....


Principal Executive Officer

Mrs. Carol Hughes

Principal Executive Officer

To man the division responsibility...

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Senior Management Team

Miss Michelle Muir

Senior Director, Human Resource Management & Administration (HRMA) Division

The HRMA division has the responsibilty for staff training and...

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Mrs. Tricia Cameron-Anglin

Director, Client Services, Communication and Information

This division has responsibility for customer complaints and monitoring,...

Mr. Lascelles Ellis

Principal Financial Officer

This department deals with finances...


Senior Director, Strategic Planning, Reform and Performance Management

This port folio has a lot to deal with strategy and planning...

Mrs. Deon Grant-Brown

Chief Internal Auditor

This person is in charge of Audit...

Misss Shawn Ashman

Director, Information and Communication Technology

Shawn has total responsibility for the I.T.C. Unit...

Mr. Terry Smith

Director, Building and Property Management

Which has responsibility for maintenance, improvement projects and...

Mrs. Ida Leavene

Director, Court Management Support Services

Which has responsibility for accomodation and subsistence bookings and...

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